Third Party – TalentTree


The first you will do when starting a game is to set the skill level of you classes: The Trader,Grey Eminence and the Magician. One Level is always present and you can increase that level by clicking on the first book or using the „Plus“ and „Minus“ buttons. The skill levels of you classes determine your amount of starting talent points you can distribute and how much experience that class will generate when you use one of those talents. Talents are abilities you learn throughout the game and which define your strategy, something like building a mill in towns or becoming best friends with the local bandits.  Two other stats are also influenced by your skills, but only at the beginning: Energy and Gold. For every level of Grey Eminence and Trader you will start with an additional 100 Gold. Every level of Magician increases your maximum Energy and starting Energy. Since these skills cannot be change later on, you better choose beforehand, if you want to be a Magician or not. All talents can be used, even if your level is not very high, it is just a bit more  difficult.

The game can only be started after you have allocated all of your points (shown on the top). If the „New Game“ button does not change into the „Start Button“, you should check your settings.


The talent tree has at the top the ability to change the classes, through clicking on the buttons. Everytime you do this, the points in the upper right corner will update to the specific class. Clicking on a talent will show you a short description on the righthand side and, if you have enough points to distribute, a button will appear for you to learn that talent.

It is very important, to always have one talent that can be used repeatedly because you will only get experience in that class, if you can use a talent. The amount of experience you get for that class is based on the skill level of your class. Using the talent „Trading Knowlegde“ whilest being a Trader of level 3 will grant you three times the experience over being a Trader of Level 1.

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