ThirdParty – Main Menu


This is how it looks after starting the game. You can either exit the game by clicking on the word „Exit“ on the box or start a new game in the upper right corner.

In this part you have to choose your focus in the game. You have 3 points to distribute. Each point in Trader and Grey E.(minence) increases your starting gold by 100. Every point in Magician increases your energy pool by 10. You will start with half of that as your current energy.

Although you might not know much of the game, you cannot really destroy the game here for you, for these skills only measure the amount of advancement in that class. Every time you use your talents effectively, you will get a base amount of Experience multiplied with the level your skill has. Also, your starting Talentpoints are affected by your choice. With those you choose the first talents in the game.

Having chosen your skills you will get to choose the starting kingdom. Right now there are no big differences but some trading values that change. The default kingdom Alaria has more neighbours thus more potential enemies. The layout of the map is already visible and the roads that lead into nothing connect to the missing two kingdoms, Mounto in the north and Westen in the west. Don’t laugh.


After the latest patch I have added a translation function you can access whenever you want. In the main menu you can see the language currently chosen next to the Exit-Button. Clicking that will cycle through all languages implemented.


Description – What the game is about

Skills and Talents – Everything you ever wanted to know about yourself

Worldmap – All you ever wanted to know about a fictional land

Fights and Sieges – This is mostly about the A.I. armies but yours are in the mix too (Under Construction)