…Night of the Undead-Productions and Rackhim

 The name of my label and my alias have been with me for a long time but only now have I used them truly. I created some videos with ingame graphics from games but those were small projects and.. not very mature or sophisticated most of the time. I hope im above this now and try to create something bigger.

I myself are a middle aged man from germany, a gamer by heart, who is into alot of genres and games but always had a love for zombie games (well, duh!) but also indie-developed games. I never did anything more than a mod for Fallout 3 (Darkness), nor do I have a background in Design, animation or programming at all. I started this whole „business“ about two years ago and learned a lot over those months. I focus more on the programming part right now but if I had to finish all of this alone… I probably would live with bad graphics 😉 .

I do this as a hobby and now spend more time creating something then playing but I have to admit, that it is a bit more satisfying. Since it is only a hobby i am not going to spend any money on this and use free assets as long as possible. Only when i’m convinced that i’m going somewhere with my projects, will I invest any money in them.