Browser Games

In this section I am going to put some simple games I created for one reason or another. These may really be basic in what resources I have used but nonetheless, they are games and fun 🙂 .




(The GIF is the link/Uploaded on

You are a block in a block with blocks spawning. Collect all the blocks that have your color, build up the multiplier and get the most points. But beware: The block you are in, rotates, you change colors and the longer you take, the harder it gets.

Use WASD and SPACE to move around. F1 restarts the scene after launching the game. ESCAPE lets you go back to the main menu. The „QUIT GAME“ button is still in it, since it is going to be a normal desktop game and it doesn’t hurt.

For every block of your color you get, you increase your multiplier by one and get the points. Get a wrong one and you lose your multiplier, but not your points, unless you totally bonk it.