Nicht schon wieder

My first project created entirely in german called „Not again…“ and my first steps in the field of pixel art.FirstLook

„Not again…“ is the theme in that you awake in a dead body in a city where the locations are randomly created and filled with various cards that are events or objects, body parts or enemies. you have a limited time to search for answers for your existence and can extend this by eating humans. Careful though, because this will attract the police and may even spawn other, mindless, zombies, attracting even more .. well, attraction.

KarteKörperteileKarteObjekteKarteEventsPlayerStanding PolizistPistoleStartLocation Herz

While searching for clues for your being, you can find objects, like weapons, and even body parts that you need to replace damaged ones or some that are plain better then other ones.

Fighting enemies is done via a small mini-game where actions rain down from the top and the player has to quickly use the ones he needs. The enemies actions trigger as soon as they hit the bottom but can be directed to specific body parts if fast enough.

I always wanted to create a card game and see, how far I can take this concept. It works very well and I even learned a thing or two about creating pixel art for my games.