MainMenuBannerThe Humans, Elves and Dwarfs have had it with those greenskins, the orcs and goblins and band together to combat the enemy. Amassing Armies they naturally attack the orcs, only the orcs, since the goblins are no threat what so ever.

You, as the leader of the goblins, see the opportunity and start plundering their villages in order to build up an army of your own to help your allies .. or to destroy them afterwards yourself.

Balance your actions wisely but be quick about it. If you pillage too much from one enemy, they will start attacking you until you are no threat anymore or even destroyed. If you need too long, your allies will be destroyed and this will spell doom for you most likely. Killing off the orcs, too, is just the icing on the stolen cake.


You have to manage your population between farmers, breeders and soldiers, get weapons and building materials and build some buildings.

The plundering itself is a little mini game designed for mobile devices to be easy to handle even with touch countrol.


This small game was made to create a hex-tiled, randomly set world that could be made into a mobile game. I wanted to create some form of randomness and see, if I could build a mobile game, thinking in smaller terms.