Version 0.XX+1 uploaded

The newest version has been uploaded. I am not sure which version number this should be so I will be working with 0.XX from now on until I have made up my mind.


  • Die Übersetzung ins Deutsche ist vollständig und auch ein paar neue Tooltips sind zu haben in beiden Sprachen. Einfach mit der Maus über ein Fragezeichen gehen, oder sogar über ein Bild, und es gibt einen kleinen Text dazu.
  • New tooltips can be used throughout the game to understand what is presented to you. Just hover over a questionmark or some images and you will see an explanation.
  • SAVE-SYSTEM: It is now fully implemented. You can save and load the game and even some of the configurations, like the language, are saved. If you want to reset everything, just delete the „SaveGame.XML“ and „Config.XML“ files. You have only one savepoint and this is not becaue I am lazy but because this is how I want it to be. One save: So either finish that game or save a new one. There is no autosave function, to not overwrite anything. The loading option only appears if you have saved before and if you are in the menu (ESCAPE) ingame.

I will add a patchnote soon somewhere else. Have to make a site for that it seems.

Happy savingsday,



P.S.: Need screenshots from the UI and everything are in the gallery.

Edit: I have uploaded the game to to have more people looking at this and telling me what I did wrong. I also noticed some bugs I thought were non-existent. I cleaned them out and wiggled the camera around a bit and will be uploading the newest version soon.