Work. Work never changes.

While the time moves on, I try to implement everything to make this game happen. The next version, which might take some time, will have many improvements and bug fixes. Want to have a look at the new player UI? Here ya go:


I will add a small list of changes that will come but this list is not done yet. This is just a „Im-not-dead-yet“-post. Nothing to see here. Move on.


Current patch log:

  • Fixed a bug that had the player to open the menu for buying arms and armor twice before re-opening after it got closed through a different window
  • Fixed that after the player runs into an encounter with its talenttree open, he couldn’t re-open it
  • Fixed the caves in Neumoor and WaterTree not responding to the player
  • Increased the collider for the trader to make it easier to interact with
  • Fixed a problem where traders would not enter a city after the player bought every trading good from them
  • You now can become a town official only once
  • Fixed the button to focus on the zombie army. It stayed visible even when the rest of the UI disappeared
  • Peasants colliding with other peasants no longer cling to oneanother but instead swap positions
  • Fixed a bug in the battlesite where dead bodies would not be reset before spawning
  • Fixed a bug where you could not switch the language ingame
  • Fixed armies not attacking each other
  • Deactivated an effect only meant for the players assets that activated on npc objects
  • Enforced a population cap on capital cities to ensure balanced values
  • Fixed some values for the npc kingdoms
  • Improved on the CityCreator script that spawns buildings around cities and towns
  • Balanced some values specifying the growth of kingdoms
  • Restructured the main menu
  • Added visual feedback to the talenttree after learning a talent
  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug in the diplomacy system where the kingdoms were set on wrong positions
  • Redesigned the player UI with buttons. The keyboard shorcuts still work but you can play the game now without using the keyboard
  • Added an inventory for trading goods and bought arms&armor