God save me!

Problem is, there is no saving system implemented in this universe yet, just like in my game. I’m working on it but had some things to fix and add and thus I uploaded a new version without the system but other stuff:

  • LoadingScreen: It is implemented and functional.
  • Dynamic placement of objects around towns and cities, as can be seen on the screenshot below or in the gallery. It is a simple way of adding some atmosphere to the game. The version right now has no buildings included, unlike the screenshot, because I do not own any good buildings. This will be changed in a later version and maybe I take some placeholder objects from sites that are for free just to add to the game for now.
  • Mercs and Zombies: These fellas now have a glowing circle, a simple effect, around themselves to be better visible. Opening the player UI per „I“ also shows a button that positions the camera ontop of the merc or zombie. There even is a visual feedback regarding the graveyard and the battlesite showing, if there is a zombiearmy nearby or not and how strong it is.
  • Improved the movement for the player: The player now can follow an object by clicking on it and no longer opens up a dialogue with everything he runs into. Only objects, like the bandits, who can be foe to you, force you to react. Finally you can travel the roads and ignore the lowly peasants.


Next time I hope to bring you even more goodies.


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