LoadingScreen added

You call this new stuff? Isn’t this something every game needs? Well, I couldn’t implement one before and the game is just not big enough for one. It is still not very big and the loading bar, in this case a moving trader from left to right, is full in seconds. For those who want to know a bit more about the world before entering, I added some audio files to listen to. The language depends on your setting on the main menu. Just click on a speaker, change the volume on the left handside or stop it altogether with the crossed-out speaker. It will come with the next update. Maybe I can incorporate something else that should be standard: A savegame system.

Have fun. .. sometime later.



Im using a resolution of 1440×900 and only test the game, right now up until this point coming from 1024×768. Use something along these lines to have the best available experience.





I also almost forgot to tell, that I’m in talks with a graphic designer to help me out. Let’s see where this is heading.